Pittsford Community Lacrosse Inc.

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Former Pittsford lacrosse players that have gone on to play lacrosse at the collegiate level. 


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Name Grad Year College   Name Grad Year College
Nick Panara 2014 Fairfield University   Abi Cullinan 2014 Notre Dame
Stephen Quinzi 2014 Georgetown University   Molly Maguire 2014 St. John Fisher College
Greg Weyl 2014 Mercyhurst University   Olivia Marsh 2014 John Carroll University
Sam Hoodak 2013 Alfred University   Christine Molinari 2014 Davidson College
Kyle Lake 2013 John Carroll University   Elizabeth Sauer 2014 Ithaca College
Ben Overslaugh 2013 St. Michael's University   Kelsie Schindler 2014 UMass
Danny Page 2013 St. John Fisher College   Holly Turner 2014 UMass
Cam Pincus 2013 Boston University   Shannon Bissnette 2013 Lock Haven University
Steven Ricci 2013 Nazareth College   Lauren Corbett 2013 SUNY Geneseo
Thomas Rodenhouse 2013 Ithaca College   Belle Leon 2013 Niagara University
Tyler Aycock 2012 SUNY Albany   Haley Peets 2013 High Point University
Derek Jamison 2012 Mercyhurst College   Heather Peets 2013 St. John Fisher College
Jack Lauroesch 2012 Williams College   Grace Mary Rinaldi 2013 SUNY Oswego
Billy Malone 2012 Kings College   Tori Wehner 2013 Syracuse University
Corey Parke 2012 Georgetown University   Jaclyn Fraum 2012 Villanova University
Stephen Romas 2012 Mercyhurst University   Devon Collins 2011 Syracuse University
Kevin Sanna 2012 Hartford College   Jenna Cuddeback 2011 SUNY Fredonia
Marc Weyl 2012 SUNY Oswego   Ali Curwin 2011 James Madison University
James Burke 2011 US Air Force Academy   Cat Gorman 2011 William Smith College
Matt Gold 2011 Clarkson University   Ashley Herbst 2010 University of Louisville
Alex Kober 2011 US Air Force Academy   Annelies O'Dea 2010 Amherst College
Matt Palmer 2011 SUNY Oswego   Emily Peets 2010 MCC/Delaware State University
Alex Proper 2011 St. John Fisher College   Sara Pritchard 2010 Duquesne University
Steven Troup 2011 Lycoming College   Lindsey Randall 2010 University of Rochester
Joe Dupra 2010 RIT   Theresa Catteau 2009 MCC/St. John Fisher College
Alex Howell 2010 MCC   Laura Lipari 2009 St. John Fisher College
TJ Iuppa 2010 Hobart College   Mary Alice Postel 2008 Haverford College
Craig Jerabeck 2010 Babson College   Charlie Clements 2007 University of Rochester
Justin McLiverty 2010 Robert Morris University   Carolyn Levine 2007 RIT
James Purpura 2010 SUNY Geneseo   Abby Woodward 2005 University of Rochester
Thomas Rodenhouse 2010 Lynchburg College   Ashley Meyer 2004 RIT
Ryan Sullivan 2010 Mercyhurst University   Caity Richardson 2004 Nazareth College
Jason Falk 2008 Potsdam University   Jenn Peacock 2003 University of Rochester
Brendan Green 2008 Ithaca College   Kate Morse 2002 St. Lawrence University
Devin Lamb 2008 RIT   Susan Shepard 2002 SUNY Geneseo
Dillon McLean 2008 FLCC        
Cameron Edmiston 2007 Mercyhurst University        
Chris Kist 2007 Canisius College        
Doug Milano-Johnson 2007 Nazareth College        
Matt Scherer 2007 Mercyhurst University        
Dylan Bittlingmaier 2005 SUNY Geneseo        
Jake Boyce 2005 SUNY Binghamton        
Justin Nadler 2005 Pfeiffer College        
Justin Rand 2005 SUNY Geneseo        
Rob Mizelle 2004 RIT        
Peter White 2004 SUNY Geneseo